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September 24, 2011



They say misery loves comapany, so if it's any consolation, I share 2 of the 3 leaky situations with you... no leaky stomach. I do sometimes long for a good old fashioned ugly cry, but lately it seems just the leaky eyes. But SO MANY THINGS make me tear up. It's ridiculous...


The west is dry all over. The east is flooding all over. In St. Louis, the flooding seems to be localized.

Go west, young woman, go west.

Big Dot

Can't remember when I last cried, or (fingers crossed) had a bladder malfunction. And periods are a thing of the past. But sweat? By the bucket.


I cry more easily now. Age related perhaps? Dog food commercials are a big catalyst for tears. I am such a sap. The bladder leaks too much too. That does not make me cry, yet anyway.


Kristie - it IS a consolation, thank you.
~~Silk - West County, maybe. Back to the doctor Weds.
Big Dot - Ah, damn, I just cried today. I did sweat out in the yard, though.


Did you go to the Taste? I did. It was a good time and a very nice day.....


Benchmark - no Gary had work and I had yardwork. Plus that thing is damn expensive.

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