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September 11, 2011



I don't ever watch any 9/11 coverage. Every minute of what I watched the first time is deeply etched in my mind. It's not about getting over it. I understand now why my grandfather never talked about his time in the navy and when his ship, the Laffy, went down.

Some people only want to live a horror once.


You already know my feelings on it: I honor the memories of those who were murdered that day and the heroes who worked so desperately to save others (many at the cost of their own lives). I was frightened and horrified at the events, and angry beyond words at people who can be fooled into doing despicable acts against other people.

The first few years... understandable.


Every September 11th, the media frighten, exploit, sensationalize, martyrize, and generally bring to the world's attention how soft and easily hurt America is. Nothing can possibly please these religious whack-jobs more than to see how their tactics cause us to rend our garments and bring us to our knees year after year after year.

I understand grieving; I've certainly done my share of it. But we're supposed to be a superpower. At some point, we need to demonstrate our pride and dignity as a nation with more than just advanced weaponry and sanctimonious victimization.


Hot Mom

What they said.


Zayrina/Marcia/ Hot mom -I would reply to your comments but Fox News is playing "9/11: Timeline of Terror"


I refused to listen to anything about it or read a scrap of faux news about it.

I heard too many things about this year's memorial that infuriated me. I don't know if these issues were resolved or not but the very fact that there was the brouhaha was enough to make me swear it all off.

All you have to say is, "It was a beautiful clear Tuesday morning" and I'm there again.


I watched one documentary on National Geographic. It followed several survivors as they recounted their stories of that day. It included the first meeting of a photographer and the subject of one of his photos and a visit between a rescuer and the woman he rescued. There were interesting storylines about the man on his first day as leader of FAA (or something like that), how Andrew Card was responsible for getting the President to safety, and how fighter pilots were put in the sky in unarmed planes and had to strategize what they would do in various situations. It was well done and didn't dwell at all on the terrorists.

We recorded the Bush interview but haven't watched it yet. I think it will be fascinating.

On the other hand, five minutes into the reading of the names and I'd had enough.


Becs - Looking at the tower infuriates me. Look up the "Frontline" episode on how they desoyed the original plan for the freedom tower.
Caroline - I wanted to see the Bush interview, but Gary roared. Did you watch the tea party debate?

Amy in StL

I watched a little bit of the coverage, but as soon as they showed firemen covered in dust and rubble I switched. This year, dating a fireman, I didn't want to see or hear any of that. My boyfriend and I went to dinner and people watched and stayed away from anything that might remind us of firemen dying in buildings.


I only saw a few minutes afterward when Bachmann was accusing Obama of poisoning 12yo girls through the HPV vaccine. The debate is on the DVR, but I think I can wait until closer to primaries to subject myself to the candidates.


Amy in StL - walking UP the stairs, into the fire. That's what gets me. So brave and futile.
Caroline - The candidates aren't the star: the audience is. Scary people.

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