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September 25, 2011


Big Dot

Gary's being a prat (again). You're allowed to focus on your health concerns, which are real. He needs to get over it. Prat, pillock, twat, wazzock and fuckwit. You can tell him I said so.


Gary is an ass.



You wet yourself when you choke. How is that not a real problem.

Also, if you really do have a hard, hot, red lump in your calf, please get it looked at right away. I had a DVT in my thigh that broke up, sending a clot into my lung for the much-feared pulmonary embolism, and it really sucked. They kill about a quarter of the people who get them, if untreated.

I'd rather know that you were a hypochondriac than that you were dead.


Big dot - prat! Fabulous term!
Becs - big ass.
Tami - Jesus! I'm going at 1:00 on your recommendation. I knew that but I was ignoring it.


God I am so sorry. Give Gary a swift kick in the rear from me.


Hattie - well, he was very concerned when I called before my LEG HAD A DOPPLER ULTRASOUND which did show I do have a clot in an unimportant leg vein. So I hesitate to kick with that leg or put full weight on it.


How can a leg vein be unimportant? Weren't they all put there for a reason, even if it's only backup?


Yay, non-lethal problem! I'm very glad you got it looked at right away.


Becs - well superficial. Shallow. Overly concerned with appearances
Tami - I appreciate the warning, I really do.


I'm like the blood clot awareness committee, or something.


How deep is YOUR blood, how DEEP is your blood, how deep IS your blood (clot)?

Everyone sing it together now!


Tami - BCAC
Caroline - did you know the next line is "I really mean to learn?" I only hear "I ee-ee eeee to eeee."

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