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September 11, 2011



This has a familiar ring to it. Haven't you mocked gary's nuts before?


It appears to me that Gary has some very classy looking nuts.
Also, delightful?


That is an impressive array - obviously Gary takes pride in displaying his nuts!


You know, Girl Scout fall fundraiser is mostly nuts and mints. Will he need to restock in a month or two?

Big Dot

You're not the least bit worried that this has hoarder overtones? That Gary's not eventually going to disappear from sight behind a wall of nut cans?

(Notice how I resisted the urge to make a nuts joke.)


Zayrina - You are right, but here's the difference: before he had all the half-eaten cans of nuts in the cupboard. Now he has all of them sitting right next to him on the side of the couch. The only thing I did to that display was sort and stack them.
Kristie - classy and symmetrical
Mare - what gets me is his nut display is right across from our only uncovered window: the sidelight strangers use to peer in your house.
Caroline - wait. When did you stop selling cookies?
Big Dot - You are right. I should test him. I should take away some of his nuts and see if he notices.


Cookies are in January or February. Girl Scouts offers the girls two opportunities to raise funds. So generous, no?


Caroline - Why don't Moms ever put sign-up sheets for nuts and mints in the office breakroom then?


Because we save all our goodwill for cookie sales. I'll be glad to bring you an order form, though.


Caroline - The pomegranate looks tasty, but - 6 oz? Hmph.


I hope that you give all the cans a good shake so maybe he can find some good nuts buried at the bottoms. I would combine cans just to mess with him, but I learned long ago, never mess with a man's... nah, I won't go there. ;}


Elisabeth - you are such a lady. Even after you said "nuts buried at the bottoms."

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