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September 14, 2011



Good plan! I have guests descending and may resort to your strategy.

Big Dot

What you really need is a fastidious sister with no filter who's liable to drop in with no notice. Works for me.


I stopped being house proud. I don't know when it happened, but everyone who's been in my house in the last 2 months have seen the boxes of Trixie's kitchen stuff, and the painter's tape in the bathroom that I *still* haven't finished. I tell myself that I would have painted the bathroom ceiling by now, if my dad hadn't spilled all the paint. Sure I would have!

The stenciling around the mirror feels like a pipe dream, now.


Hattie - It worked well. Only, I did end up inviting someone into one of the secluded rooms.
Big Dot - Does she know about the maggots?
Tami - Bless you for carrying the stencilling torch!

Hot mom

Except for the Hugh spider web on the porch that you so graciously pointed out as I left, I never noticed.

I didn't even drive buzzed.


Hot Mom - yep, no one was drunk. (Surprising given that we all compared our exposed bosoms.) Except perhaps me. I had a headache the next day. Perhaps the wine?

Big Dot

About those maggots...

I knew, really, that the two I vacuumed up wouldn't have been the only ones to drop down through our downlighters. Our 41 downlighters. But I put it out of my mind - until today when, it being spring and all, I for once moved some furniture out of the way, and found a thick scattering of maggot chrysalises on the carpet and snuggled down along the skirting board. So then I had to move all the other furniture, and found hundreds of the blasted things. And which room was this, you ask? Only the bedroom. It's the stuff (and site) of nightmares.


Big Dot - I have learned so much. 1) Recessed lights are called "downlights" in NZ 2) Big Dot has a LOT of recessed lights 3) Maggots have a chrysalises stage. Good to know.

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