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August 01, 2011



Could not agree with you more. (Also, I don't think the movie could possibly be as funny as it needs to be to get me past the reality of the situation. Which is probably why the only movie I've seen in the past year was "Cowboys and Aliens." Reality just doesn't work for me.)


Oh my God I remember when that happened. And they made a comedy out of it? Really? Talk about poor taste ...


Ugh, the poor guy's family...wait. Oh no. Don't tell me they agreed to this?


No, no, no. All wrong.


Wyo - Someday we will find there are aliens and they find our stereotyping of aliens to be offensive.
RockyCat - Well, I am all for poor taste if it makes for a funny movie, I just can't imagine any movie being funny enough.
Becs - He has a brother, John Wells. Don't know if he agreed to the movie.
Allison - I'm guessing you mean the movie is a bad idea?

Big Dot

Aaaand this morning a report about an 18 year-old girl in a mansion in Sydney who had a collar bomb attached to her by a night-time intruder. Coincidence? This movie is the opposite of a public service.


Big Dot - I KNOOOOOW! Steve from work pointed it out to me at noon saint louis time. I think I heard it wasn;t functional.Odd, because somewhere in the computer room we have the issue of Wired magazine in which they explain all the tech specs of the real collar bomb.

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