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August 05, 2011



Interesting. I always think of it in terms of my kids and sort of agree with the author who said that she'd turn them in for rape or murder but then visit them every day bringing baked goods.


As I was reading this I keep thinking, "but what about Gary!?" and then thought "oh, he wouldn't do any of that!" and I don't even KNOW Gary! ;)


Allison- Ha! There was something interesting on This American Life a few months ago - one son had to turn in his brother for killing their mother, but he's still the kid's uncle. Sad.
Kristie - Well, sure you do. And actually, he could manslaughter someone accidentally.


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I was going to say, "I feel famous!", but then clurlacedodug stole all my thunder.

I wouldn't turn in a relative for a crime where no one died. Stuff is just stuff, and no one has to grieve.


Tami - I just couldn't delete that. It was so insane. Of course, now I can't delete it because you referenced it.

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