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August 14, 2011



I have learned the secret of fried potatoes: Buy canned potatoes. Slice them. Fry those puppies up and sprinkle some paprika over them just for show.


Fried potatoes sounds like rosti. If you want me to write you up a Harry Potter synopsis, just ask. I'm good at cutting stories down to the important bits.


Going in to Harry Potter, virtually blind? Tell Gary he's out of his mind. Still, I suppose you will be dragged out to see it. At least this way the heartbreaking scenes (this will mean nothing to you but Tonks and Remus Lupin side-by-side, sob!) won't be.


Becs - I have often wondered who eats canned potatoes. That sounds like they were made for fried potatoes.
Tami - The Cliffs notes took care of it.
Becs - Watched part 1 tonight. I didn't even cry when that rubber doll died.


Happy Birthday!!!


Hattie - Thank you!


BabyCakes is awesome!


Jared - it was very enjoyable. And a nice departure from other cupcake places.

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