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August 08, 2011



How true. When they get to a certain age it's all they talk about.


Funniest analogy ever. (Yes, it's one-fucking-oh-five in the morning.)

Amy in StL

We just had the "OMG, I'm losing all my monies" discussion in the office this morning. We can't actually look at the site which tells us how our respective funds are doing from our office computers - so everything is based on how their funds did yesterday. Also, I don't give a rats ass because I can't retire for another 17 years minimum; unless our rules change then who knows when.


Hattie - I'm always stunned to hear myself talking about retirement funds. And I think the age you speak of is the age at which they start thinking they couldnt find another job.
Marcia - Say hi to your sister for me! And you really should watch south park. Often, it's funny.
Amy in StL - But, then today you got a lot of your monies back! Ding! It's back! Make sure you check before you leave for work.


I can't understand what they're saying in South Park. And from I've seen on the closed captions, I'm not missing much. Just doesn't do it for me.


Becs - I don't love every episode, but I do love the ones when the little kids sass their parents (usually in absentia) and just do what they want. "[Bleep] you, Mom! I do what I want!" And the recurring love affair between Satan and Saddam was great.

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