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August 23, 2011



Have you finished the truffles, then?


As I drove through your darkened neighborhood, I considered posting a comment on here to let people know you were without power. Then I got home and discovered I was, too. And since I don't have a fancy schmancy internet-y phone, I was completely offline.


Tami - DAMNIT YES! Just yesterday. And a new batch of candy was so awful I gave it back to Gary. Chocolate covered fruit flavored gels.
Caroline- That would have been very thoughtful. I read something today about how when you go on vacation, put a penny in your freezer on top of an ice cube. That way if the power goes out and back on days later while you are gone, you will know the food is bad because the penny will be frozen at the bottom of an ice cube. Of course, that sounds very involved, especually when friends live nearby.

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