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August 21, 2011


Big Dot

I bet they don't tell medical students that one day they'll be so blase about everything to do with the human body that they won't feel a flicker of interest when a strange woman talks to them about fellatio.


Funny, my shrink asked me this week about my libido. I said it was gone and could stay gone for all I cared. No comment from His Shrinkfulness.


Heh heh heh heh....


More often than not, when people offer up extremely personal details about their love lives, I feel like I'm some sort of deviant nympho.

Maybe that's why my boyfriend stays, though.




What I don't understand is why you didn't ask the doc how his sex drive was.


Physicists say energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes states. Well, if there are lots of folks out there with disappeared libidos, I know where it all went. Central NJ. Right here. My house. My bulb's never been exactly dim, but it's been burning increasingly brighter since menopause.


Big Dot - I rather think I contributed to the lack of interest, not his blase attitude. I own my lack of sexuality.
Becs - Perhaps if you'd mentioned some devices that were being neglected, ans I did.
Zayrina - Superior laugh!
Tami - You arent a perv. It isnt you, it's me.
Magpie- perhaps, or even magical.
Hattie - Augh! Why didnt I think of that!
~~Silk - Perhaps I will follow your lead. I hope so.


...I'm pretty sure that it's you *and* I'm a bit of a perv. I'm OK with that.


Tami - it takes two for perversion.

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