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August 06, 2011



this is unacceptable! there really should be a concert road trip planned!


Girl, you have got to step up. It's like a budget - if you don't spend it all this year, next year, you won't get as much.


Kristie - well, I would think so too, but the dog really is frail, and extra monies should go to the debt. Debut should be paid off in three months, though.
Becs - Well, going to see Bridesmaids and not walking out of the theater was evidently a big sacrifice for Gary.


We'll brainstorm over lunch Tuesday. The situation will improve.


Ooh- we share a birthday month! I like your thermostat idea- not sure hubby would let me get away with "thermostat at 80" though! I ordered myself two NON-work shirts for socializing and lounging around the house in. And, well, I plan to buy a car, so happy birthday to me (I guess).


Caroline - I hope so. It is not going well.
Elisabeth - 80? Why not just open a window!

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