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August 18, 2011



Fish Cheer? Dream Machine? Nope. Nothing.

After Jay's diagnosis he started working from home, about 1999-2000, and he got hooked on "Days". That's the one with Stephano, right? I watched it when there was that one woman who played like five different roles - something like herself, her sister the nun, her skeevy brother, an evil twin, and someone else. That was cool. She was good. When she left the show, I lost interest.


I don't remember that show. I DO remember "Wonderama", though, and "Zoom" - does that count?

Oh, and you know how it is with the soaps - you can stop watching for YEARS, and then you tune in again, and it's later the same day.


It's a full life.
Ah, Country Joe. I was a wee thing in my 20's when Country Joe was singing

Be the first one on your block
To have your boy come home in a box.

Somehow, that couplet has stuck with me.


I don't remember the olive skit, but I *totally* remember the Evil Knieval song. It was buried *really* far down in my memory, but there it is, now, right up front! Wow.


I was just old enough to watch "Schoolhouse Rock" was a jaundiced eye. So young, the snark!

You know, that Fish cheer could probably be reworded to apply to Pakistan...Afghanistan..Iraq..and whoever we're being all imperialist on.


Just my baby in silver and gold......


~Silk - SHe WAS good. Kind of skinny and freckled?
RockyCat - I don't think my PBS station carried Wonderama. I do still know the zip code for Boston Mass.
Hattie - A full life of peeing and memories and travel? You make it sound good.
Tami - No recall of the EK song. I do remember something with Martin Mull, maybe it was that.
Becs - Daily Shopw recently did a good parody of "I'm Just a Bill"
Benchmark - What? They did other songs too?

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