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August 03, 2011



I do understand about the not wanting to work from home business. Then again, I do these things to myself, too. Not these specific things. Just other ones.


On Friday, I had what we will now refer to as "an issue". I was expecting company at home *exactly* when I got there, but he was late enough that I had ample time to freshen myself up, change clothes, and order us pizza for dinner without anyone ever knowing about it. Well, until I just told you guys, now. I was lucky enough that there wasn't an office chair involved.

That time that there was an office chair involved, I swapped my chair with one from an empty desk when no one was around. I think I might be stealthier than you.

Amy in StL

We have a male co-worker - in another section THANK GOD - who has been known to swap out his chair with others because he a) is so heavy the chairs start to break down in a few months and b) sharts on a regular basis. Last month someone finally called him on that and made him take his chair back. They knew it was his mainly because he also doesn't shower or wash his clothes often so his chair always has a very identifiable smell. Think parmesan hotdog. Unfortunately the calling-out guy had to find a new chair since he'd already been sitting in his chair.

So basically, I'm sure no-one here would even blink an eye at a damp chair.


As a nurse I have been the victim of other people's weak bladder. You learn quickly not to sit on older folk's beds. I have also been the victim of my own bladder. You have my sympeethy. All hail the sisterhood of the weak bladder!



I feel so bad that you had to go through this...

...but DAMN, you wrote this funny.

Hot mom

Well, I guess when they make us move to your area, I should appraise my possible future chair.

That said, it does happen to other people. People who have popped out a few kids, sure, but definitely not just you.

Don't drink less that causes bladder infections.


Becs - Sigh. Doomed to be us.
Tami - But didn't you always imagine a smell from the pee chair?
Amy in StL - Oh! Oh that is AWFUL. And he lives in St Louis? Geh!
Zayrina - I understand some old folks weaponize their pee. I heard about some elderly man who was not allowed to use the bathroom during takeoff/landing, and the stewardress had to detach and clean his seat soon after. He was tickled.
Slouchy - Enjoy my pain. AND SO BE WARNED. You pee-stipated young 'uns. Just you wait.
Hot Mom - are you moving? Eee! And really, the flood? Not just the dribble, the giggle, the sneeze. I'm surprized my uterus didn't prolapse along with it.


Pick up a copy of the latest St. Louis Magazine. You could assemble a team:

An Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialist
A Pulmonologist
An Allergist
A Neurologist
A Urolologist
A Shrink
and a Nurse Practitioner.

So many to choose from.........


Benchmark - oh, like I don't have that already? Neuro, Gastro, Gyno, Shrink, Urologist, and Primary.


So sorry. What a bummer. I hope you can get some real help with this.


I am a master of denial, and I never think about that chair at all - until now. It was 2 work buildings ago, so I have no fear of ever finding that chair again.


That whole list of specialists? Or even generalists? I don't have any of them any more. In a way, it really is liberating not to be able to afford health insurance...

Hot Mom

Someone's going to have to move somewhere. I'm sure they'd rather move 10 people and "the wall" than move however the hell many people you have.

We're being assimilated.

Don't expect us to be as thrilled about it as you obviously are.


Well look at it this way. For most people it's choke and puke. For you it's choke and pee. So you're special.....


Hattie - I think the third time will be the charm. I just watched something go down the wrong way in my team leader's throat today. She didn't explode though.
Tami - Your DNA is on that chair. They could find you even after 20 years.
Becs - Be thankful you can now get health insurance even if you've been diagnosed with something. (That's allowed now, isn't it?)
Hot Mom - We have 18, I just counted. And you can keep your own culture. You could have your own holidays and traditions!
Benchmark - Special as in Special School District special, sure. I have been thinking about exclusively using a straw to drink with. A special straw.


Becs- by the way, Judge crater might be found: "In April 2005, police revealed that they had found some evidence in the 1950s which was related to the case: a handwritten note by Stella Ferrucci-Good, in an envelope reading "Do not open until my death", claimed to give the location of Crater's body."

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