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August 07, 2011



Eww. They shouldn't have just given it to you for free, they should have called the paramedics to pump your stomach and give you good drugs so you wouldn't remember it.

Amy in StL

After getting eggs benedict with separated sauce at two different restaurants here; I've sworn off of that meal. It makes me a little sad, now that I think about missing it - however steak? burger bun? WTF?



Now I want Eggs Benedict. But not from there.


Becs-It was really sad. And now Gary is calling the birthday month "The month we eat bad food and watch bad movies."
Amy in StL - And LETTUCE? With scrambed eggs? An abomination.
Slouchy - I can only find it in its original form at hotels and cruise ships.


Tell Gary: "New birthday rule: No backsass from the help during birthday month."


Becs - I'm making him eat peking duck and possibly dim sum tomorrow. That'll teach him.


I went to Ruby Tuesday's for brunch. I like their regular menu just fine, but their brunch was an insult to breakfast foods. Only Le Peep or local diners for me, from now on. Well, maybe an iHop excursion on rare occasions.


Tami -We don't have Le Peep. Is that a chain? Our chains are Bob Evans and the hated Cracker Barrell. I was an IHOP waitress. I will never go there again.


Le Peep is a chain, but I don't know where all of them are. I know that I was surprised to see one in Indianapolis, but maybe they're only east of the Mississippi.

I can understand not eating somewhere that you worked. Totally.

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