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August 29, 2011


Big Dot

Yeees, Lijit is very cagey about where it gets these figures - it's hard to see how they could possibly know all this stuff, other than just thinking up the numbers.

Apart from being female and Caucasian (sorry), I'm in the absolute minority for all but one of your categories.



Other than being 42, that's me. Maybe I read your blog too much!


I'm in the kid-having 7%! I will nearly single-handedly repopulate your blog audience!


I have kids. And I'm forty-one. And I'm from Botswana. Okay, not really. But I'm Canadian - does that count?


This is the second time today I've been able to make a Soul Man reference. Surely you don't want us emulating that movie.


How do it know?


Big Dot - That's what I like to hear! The differences between us give room for us to grow. Snif.
Tami - Well, it's me too. It's just, strange to think you're all like me. I was of the opinion you all were looking at me like a freak. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.
S - (hi, S!) Thank you for passing the torch to the next generation. Someone around here has to do it.
Allison - Cananda counts! And thank you for having kids. That's the one that really worries me.
Caroline - How uncool am I? I just had to look up "Soul Man Movie."
Hattie - THANK you! You gave me a chance to look up the origins of "How do it know." http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=How%20do%20it%20know%3F

Big Dot

Now I'm rubbed up all the wrong way by reading that definition with all its spelling and punctuation mistakes and then seeing it's been turned into verbatim MUGS AND T-SHIRTS AND MAGNETS!!!

Does Lijit have a category for pedantry?


Big Dot - What you taking 'bout, Big Dot? It's a catchphrase! There are no grammar rules of catchphrases.

Big Dot

Yes, yes, I know THAT. Didn't you read the definition you put the link to? Illicit instead of elicit, missing apostrophes and hyphens - and all of it transferred directly, as is, to t-shirts and mugs. Oh, the humanity!


It's my cousin's favorite joke.


Big Dot - Actually, since most of the Urban Dictionary submissions are from 12 year old boys, this was pretty articulate.
Hattie - I like it. "Cold in summer, hot in winter. How do it know?"

Hot Mom

I was wondering how often you read you own blog.

By the way, it's much easier to dislike children if you have them.


Another mom. Four children. I'll be interested to hear about how the bladder sling goes.


Hot Mom - You're right! Myself and Gary could account for the make / female split, since he is kind of a girl.
Wendy - I will. First there are tests and vaginameters and pee diaries. If I get to the sling, I'll let you kmow.

jessica fantastica

I'm late to the party but I'm a 32 yo white lady with no education and no kids. I bet you can guess if I make loads of cash with my education!


Jessica fantastica - Gary and I were just talking about how our respective companies don't require an education. But they then expect experience, and that's a bitch.

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