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August 11, 2011



I hope remain on different floors - and therefore using different bathrooms - until this experiment ends.


WEll, happy birthday. The food looked divine.
I don't mind cilantro myself but prefer Italian parsley, the flat kind.
So sorry about your continuing bathroom problems. I have a friend going through this, and she thinks we don't know about her problem.
Another problem with a diaper is that it adds bulk, and that is why she doesn't want to wear one. She leaves wet spots around, which is kind of sad. I want to tell her, hey, we understand, but she is very proud. And I understand that too.


May I suggest? Go to a urologist if you haven't already been doing catheterization. I understand it takes some practice to get it right.

Don't ask how I know, but a diaper will not hold a full load of pee.


I can put a pull-up depends on someone without taking off their pants. Learned it from a nurse's aide. I will write a description if you will try it.


Perhaps skirts would be safer and easier to work with than slacks.

I went through a period of about a year, several years ago, with the no-warning leakage. I believe it was due to a pinched nerve in my back (I have a weak lower back). I used maxi Poise, clenched thighs (Kegels clench only the back side of the urethra, so don't really do it when the nerves aren't cooperating), and long skirts.

Catheters may not help because even if you empty the bladder completely every fifteen minutes, there'll be a few ounces more within minutes, and that's all it takes.

My sympathies.


Zayrina - we want that description anyway! I can't imagine it. I can get a bra on and off under clothing, through the sleeves, but I can't figure out how one would get panties on and off under slacks, let alone a diaper. Leave it as a comment on my blog if you like.


how you got from chicken feet to catheters is amazing.

zayrina's trick sounds like the opposite of the taking off your bra without taking off your shirt. but more complicated, and maybe messier.


Magpie it is like the bra,but not messier because the sides of a pull up are designed to be ripped apart easily so you can quickly remove the soiled brief without removing pants. Then you simply step through the brief with one foot and pull the brief up. They are very strechy so it is easy to stretch it down the other pant leg then over the foot. Voila. The aides manage to do it with dazzling speed and zero mess.

Queen I do hope you are pulling our collective legs about the catheters. Good way to get a blistering infection among other things. There is some education needed first.


Caroline - Are you suggesting I am experimenting with peeing on myself?
Hattie - Maybe she would like intermittent catheters. I know a lot of people with MS use them. Of course, how to tell her?
Becs - Good to know about the load. I have always suspected.
Zayrina - Okay, if the sides are meant to be ripped, why couldn't you rip both sides and then pull it up through the waistband as if it were a cloth diaper? Or is it a mess, gravity-wise?
Silk - Until those cute little slouchy ankle-hiding elf-boots come back, I can't wear skirts. A long skirt over the ankles would need something like a venetian blind cord to get it up promptly.
Magpie - Both the chicken feet and the catheters were equally on my mind.
Zayrina - No, I meant it about the catheters! GOLD STANDARD, BABY! And I was thinking of disposables, too. However, peeing every hour seems to work well. Five minutes of that hour is spent waiting for the pee, so it will slow me down, but there you have it.

Big Dot

Kind of balancing out Colin, isn't it?

Have to confess to the odd episode of bladderly over-eagerness myself - usually moments away from the loo, especially if I encounter an unexpected obstruction in removing the knickers. Need something like those strip-tease artists have: one yank and the entire trousers are gone.


The sides aren't velcro. If you rip them and put them on I suppose they could float about unanchored.


Big Dot - Well, yes. Only Colin has the courtesy to give me at least a one-minute warning. This thing sneaks up and there is no time to prepare.
Zayrina - Oh, I am an idiot. I began to read your decription and a few words in became convinced you were talking about how to get them off (because getting them on - impossible!). And of course that wasn't it at all, and now I read it again and it makes total sense. If they are really stretchy. I feel better about diapers. But are diapers the Gold Standard? I think not.

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