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August 15, 2011



Oh that is funny! Is it getting hot again where you are?


I think Gary is making you pay for your birthday month. Just remember all this crap when his birthday month rolls around.


Why can't you freeze the cheesecake?

That's what I take away from this. Also, now I want truffles. Good thing I brought a pudding cup today. I also brought 9 cupcakes, because they were left over from Saturday, and I will eat all 9 if I don't share them with my coworkers. Don't believe me? There *were* 15. I ate 6 cupcakes in 2 days. I brought them in in self-defense.

Tray Table Stowed



Oh how I wish I could help you eat your chocolate!!! Truffles sound pretty good right now. In honor of your birthday month, I ate some dark chocolate chip ice cream at lunchtime. It was amazing. (I'm saying it was for you in retrospect...makes it sound less self-indulgent).


Sounds like something from Seinfield.


Frozen cheesecake is delicious. There's a place in town that sells frozen cheesecake bites on a stick for a ridiculous amount of money. The last client I had at the old job ordered them once a week with their training catering. Mmmmmmmm.


Hattie - Thank god no.It is getting cooler. Luckily, since I have a concert to attend this weekend.
Becs - I always do. I think might get him an issue of some crappy weekly magazine every day and insist he read it and discuss.
Tami - I got a pudding cup immediately after reading this comment.
Kristie - Tiny chips, I hope.Not big chalky ones.
Nicole - My brother, Dave, has never seen an entire episode of Seinfeld. Hates it. I think it's ~~Silk who feels the same way. Or Becs?
Caroline - I did have some once in the Ozarks, but I did not feel it was delicious. Ruined the cheesecake texture, if you ask me.


Seinfeld? It was one of those shows that when I decided to watch it was a rerun of the one show I'd seen before. And I did not like Elaine. At all.


just the right size chips...not so tiny as to be insignificant, and not so big as to be obnoxious. not chalky in the least. you would have enjoyed it!


Becs - They were all unlikeable. I wonder why Gary liked it. He always needs someone to root for.
Kristie - I thought of you when i ate my frozen custard with chalky Heath chips at kunch.

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