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August 30, 2011



I had to laugh at this. I feel the same way, maybe worse because I hate the telephone. The last thing I say is "Ok, hanging up now, bye." CLICK!

Can't say I didn't warn you to shut up.

Big Dot

Don't we all here hate using the phone? Isn't that why we're here instead of actually talking to people? Using our voices?


"No, Shmoopie, you hang up first."



Yeah, I hang the heck up, too. When I'm schmoopie, I don't say, "Bye".


~Silk - I have used the "Hanging up now bye" with my brother. Otherwise it's "Oh just one more th -" with him.
Big Dot - YES. Exactly.
Becs - I do recall having that same conversation in high school.
Tami - So, you just hang up in the middle of the Schmoopies?


I do. At first I'm all schmoopie, and then suddenly I turn into the woman who says, "Oh, for heaven's sake, we're not in high school!", sighs, and then abruptly hangs up.


Tami - Hard to get. Who doesn't love that?

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