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July 10, 2011


Amy in StL

I used to have a pair of spa socks I bought at Bath and Body works. They had little rubber treads on the outside and a gel lotiony inside. Can you sleep in socks? I couldn't so I have an old pair of footie socks I cut the toe out of and sleep with those on my heels.

Big Dot

My thoughts exactly: socks. Unless you need the extra heat that's caused by wrapping the feet in sweaty plastic, in which case: clingfilm then socks. Not very comfortable, but as my mother was fond of saying, Pride must bear a pinch. And Spunky is a hard task-master. (My mother never said that, in her life.)


Amy in StL - I looked those up, but the times I have fallen asleep in socks they liberate themselves. As did the Saran wrap last night.
Big Dot - No, I need the slime blocker you get from the plastic. To be fair, I did remember today that she said to mix the lotion with honey. Perhaps that makes the clingfilm (hm) stay in place. I can picture the dog digging his tongue under the socks and past the wrap to the honey.


Ooh - honey makes my skin feel really soft. All the facial masks I love have honey in them. Still, I have ugly feet, and don't know why I bother removing the dead skin or putting on lotion.


Tami- I bother, no just to please the Spunkmistress, but because once I complained to the neurologist about a strange feeling in my heel that was throwing me off balance, but then I got my heels pared down and it went away.

Counrty Girl

Dollar General. It has these...spa sock things. Put on the lotion, put on the spa socks and they tend to stay on.


Country Girl - The socks I had on last night both came off my feet. I do know I repetitively rub my feet together if I'm falling alseep. Maybe I do it in my sleep too. But, Dollar General - it might be worth it.

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