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July 03, 2011





Hey, you posted a warning...it's kinda like watching South Park - you need to be willing to switch that channel if it goes somewhere you consider sacred...


Masochist that I am, and a speaker of German, I have studied the Third Reich and the destruction of the European Jews very carefully.
I guess you have heard Stalin's remark, that the death of one person is a tragedy but the death of millions is a statistic.
I do believe that people were gassed and then cremated.


Marcia - What? What?
Mare - I'm not being a Holocaust denier, here! I just want to know the truth. The truth is bad enough.
Hattie - Absolutely, people were gassed and then cremated. That is awful enough. My question is: who decided it needed to sound worse than what it was? It's like we had been told the 9/11 hijacker took time to rape the women on the airplanes. It's bad enough, it doesn't need to be exagerrated.


I spent a good chunk of yesterday watching the first couple of episodes of the modern Battlestar Galactica. They have to make so many decisions about killing their own people that I bawled like an idiot.

Conversely, if you tell me a holocaust story, my brain goes numb, like someone's turned on a white noise machine, and I can't quite hear it. I think it's safer for my psyche to not pay attention to the story of real atrocities. Pausing to consider them makes me a little ill.

Amy in StL

I spent a lot of years reading every book and watching every documentary I could find on the war in Germany. I finally got a little burnt out on that a couple years ago - after about 25 years. I went through most of this post thinking that I couldn't believe I had missed this crucial thing; good to know I didn't miss it.

My dad was there shortly after liberation of some of the camps; when he used to get drunk he had some amazing stories to tell. I think that's why I'm so fascinated.


Tami - This must be why I said to Marcia today, "But if we don't discuss it, then aren't we in danger of forgetting?" and she bellowed NO forcefully.
Amy in StL - Nope! Didn't happen. Still cant imagine who made it up.


It's not that I've *never* discussed it. I was told about it, I've been to museums, I've seen tattoos on people's arms, I've looked at paintings and read books.

Everyone should know, but once they really get it, they shouldn't have to talk about it any more. Unless they have to teach it to someone else, I guess.

So that's it. That's when my brain goes numb. If there's a kid who doesn't know this stuff yet, and they ask, I tell them as gently as possible, because while I think that they should know, I wish that they didn't have to.


Tami - Well said, then.

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