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June 14, 2011


Big Dot

What's that on top of the hash browns - more cheese? They do look tasty. (But it's 4pm here, anything looks tasty. I just finished off some digestive biscuits (Graham crackers?) from the back of the pantry and dunking them in tea didn't help with the texture - but I still ate five.)


My dad and his grandson love that place. They even have their own pet name for it...WH. I say nice night out!


Ohohoh kissy face! Happy anniverary!


Kissing *and* bacon? Happy Anniversary!


I like that the bacon gets its own plate. Bacon should always get its own plate, don't you think? Happy anniversary. I hope you've let it go that Gary wouldn't let you get the plant the other night and kept saying the die is cast, because I'm still kind of pissed about it.


Happy baconversary! (Mmm, baconnnnnverrrrrsary.)


Happy Anniversary!

Amy in StL

Happy Anniversary! I highly recommend just hanging out at a ski lodge. I went with a friend to a ski resort in West Virginia and her boyfriend went snowboarding while we hung out and drank wine. Also, there was a hot tub.


Big Dot - it is cheese. Waffle House hash brown breakdown: "scattered" (spread on the grill), "smothered" (w/onions), "covered" (w/cheese), "chunked" (w/diced ham), "diced" (w/diced tomatoes), "peppered" (w/jalapeƱo peppers), "capped" (w/mushrooms), "topped" (w/chili) and "all the way" (with all available toppings). Recently, the option of "country" had been added for hashbrowns with sausage gravy on them. (NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS.)
Nicole - (hi Nicole!) I think Gary and I need our own name. Chez Waffle.
Zayrina - It was good kissing. While it lasted.
Tami - bacon face and kissy face.
Allison - The bacon was a little disappointing. Bob Evans bacon does spoil you. Oh, and the plant would have been a bad idea, so it's all good.
Elsa - And, even better, cheeseggiversary.
Shannon -Thank you! It was happy.
Amy in StL - I'm very into the hot / cold contrast lately. I put the ice packs in bed under the down comforters, I like the seat warmers with the ac on, etc.

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