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June 15, 2011



Falafel AND cupcakes? This is so awesome that I hurt just trying to process it.

Big Dot

But... I saw an item on our news just a couple of days ago that said we were in for a period of super-sunspot activity that would have all sorts of internety effects - and presumably make for some excellent aurora spectacles.

It is the same sun as yours, I suppose?


Dave2 - I know you love the falafel. matt and Kim AND falafel in one month. You have undue oinfluence over my life.
Big Dot - well, it seems US Scientists would disagree: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110615/ts_afp/usspacesun

Big Dot

Well I've just gone to the TV website and yes, you're right. I could have sworn the report I saw said the opposite. Shows how much attention I pay. It's a bit of a worry, really.


I've seen the Northern Lights from my deck a couple of times. Granted, they're faint and not nearly as spectacular, but you may be able to acheive that goal without travel.


I love falafel, but don't like tahini. I confuse falafel vendors.

I've never made falafel from scratch, I've only ever used a mix. I bet it's a real pain in the patoot.

Big Dot

I've never fancied anything made from scratch. My chickens do, though.


Big Dot - well, Gary emailed me today after reading up on it and says we are both right. Big flush of sunspots then down to nothing. However, he is now all hot to see the Northern lights before they go away for 70 years.So, Aurora trip to Norway is back on.
Caroline - This is a special gift you have. But, as I say, Gary says time is running out.
Tami - I'd think the cleanup is what would be a nightmare.
Big Dot - chicken humor!

Myrtle McBannom

Screw Steve? How rude. Steve is obviously an amazing and god-like person.


Myrtle - Myrtle, you old whore, how you doing!

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