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June 17, 2011



Pi Men are probably ever so green - byowb.

Falafel Men are out to make a buck.


Wow. I can't believe the deserted streets. You need to come to NY. Food trucks EVERYWHERE, and people and cars and bicycles and delivery vans and babies in strollers and more people.

Amy in StL

Those falafelwiches are the bomb. I had the traditional one with sriacha sauce at Food Truck Friday and I'd have liked more sauce but it was really good. I can never find someone to go with me, so I can never have Pi for lunch. I found something kind of charming about the S-10 with a heated camper on it, though.


Midwest interpretations of food that I thought I understood are confusing me. Cornbread? Sriacha sauce? WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING OUT THERE?!



Tami - with you! Cornbread??

And this picture must have been taken after the Zombie Apocalypse. Seriously, there is more traffic on the street outside my (very suburban) house right now.


Becs - Falafel men said they didn't have a brick and mortar, they are just putting themselves "out there."
Magpie - I heard there are streets blocked off for nothing BUT food trucks.
Amy in StL - I'd have liked more sauce, too, and they offered it as "come back if you want more sauce." Now I'll know. I bet if you went and got a deep dish Pi people would get hooked.
Tami - Sorry, they heavily dust the crust with cornmeal to make it sturdier.
Becs - It's a bit west of downtown, at 11 am, right outside of Wells Fargo Advisors. Just saying. It's very quiet.


I want Naan Chips!!


Wendy - I want them too. I bet they'll be at Fair Saint Louis. And how hard can it be to make naan? Not like it's babka.


Naan is easy, if you have a pizza stone.

Cornmeal to keep the crust from sticking is a completely different animal than the horror I was picturing, but I'm still not on board for the sriacha.


Tami - might have to get another stone. Mine cracked.


The one made by Weber (ostensibly for grilling, but hey, will it know if it's in an oven?) for sale on Amazon right now is a good one. I was looking at it on Sunday for a gift.


Tami - Huh. I think I'll try rice pudding before naan. I'm more genetically related to rice pudding.

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