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June 29, 2011



No evidence of Judge Crater, though.


They solved the Amelia Earhart mystery? Did I know that?

REM wrote a song about the "Kenneth, what is the frequency" guy. It was on the "Monster" album.

Amy in StL

Another benefit to age (according to my mom) no-one questions you if you want to nap in the afternoon and evening.


Not to mention the discounts.......

But like Tami, I'm clueless about Earhart. I think there are a lot of rumors out there but nothing definite. See the "Myths, Urban Legends, and Unsupported Claims section in the following document:



I remember him as being called "Rather biased".


Becs - or Jimmy Hoffa. Yet.
Tami - Even earlier, Wikipedia says "The incident inspired a song called 'Kenneth, What's the Frequency?' by the band Game Theory in 1987" And this is my irrefutablle source for Ameilia E : Cracked amagazine - http://www.cracked.com/article_18718_6-famous-unsolved-mysteries-that-have-totally-been-solved.html but if you follow the link of "in 1940" theres a more reputable source.
Amy in StL - Well, that's good, because I could nap all day. Slept till 1 today.
Benchmark - I like the Gardner hypothesis

They found plexiglass and the heel of a shoe? C'mon. And if the body was make or female, it could be her or Noonan.
Zayrina - I never heard that! That's clever.

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