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May 18, 2011



Best wishes for Wilma. May she be back to her S______ self quickly.


Thoughts are with Wilma, and you all!

Amy in StL

My father is a hypochondriac. He's had some serious health problems, but also interprets every pain as a horrible thing that will result in his death. (He had a bad cold last year and made mom get the will out.) I sometimes wish I had parents like your inlaws. I'm glad that Wilma had someone to look after her. Hopefully everything goes swimmingly.

I wish I could be like her but personally everytime I get bad indigestion chest pains I'm convinced this is the one that will take me out. (like father, like daughter.)


Sending good thoughts Wilma's way ...


Yay, Wilma!


Caroline - You don't know how quickly. We were discussing the rapture today.
Mare - Thank you. She's doing amazingly well.
Amy in StL - I had a friend whose mother convinced herself in the '90s that she had polio. This while my friend had breast cancer. And, really, lots of women die from ignoring heart attacks.
RockyCat - Seem to be working.
Becs - She's sitting up, eating and walking today. Unreal.

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