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May 10, 2011



...like a candle in the wind...


Well she is an awesome hat, but such is the fleeting nature of celebrity. She needs a scrapbook to remember her Glory Day.

Amy in StL

I was shocked when surfing the web that I didn't see Celebrity Hat on any of the websites. I'm guessing they didn't want CH to outshine the other hats.


Becs - Yessssss. Just like Marilyn.
Lisa - oh, that is so sad. Old hat, looking at scrapbooks.
Amy in StL - I KNOW! They took photos all over the place!


I just realized that I've been breathlessly following the entire Hat Saga but never said a peep. Now that your magnificent hat is EMBROILED IN SCANDAL, let me say: how lovely!


Elsa - Thank you! That means a lot to Celebrity Hat. She was thinking about getting busted for cocaine, just to get some more attention.

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