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April 11, 2011


Big Dot

And you're astonished that I can write with impunity about merely hosing off a strange cat???


I have had little lobster in my life. Enjoy yours. You have earned it.

Amy in StL

I have never cooked a live lobster. I'm too squeamish to even eat raw oysters because they're still alive. However, once something is dead I'm all over eating it. Enjoy the lobster!


Lobster a la Risholme to follow by any chance?


Big Dot - I'm pretty sure hosing down a cat trapped in a crate is worse than killing a lobster. Let's ask Becs.
Hattie - Well, not really. It isn't like I'm a lobster trapper.
Amy in StL - I enjoyed to last of it tonight. I've had oysters, but they didn't appeal to me. Pribably because someone at the table said they tasted like mucus.
Becs - Miss Mapp KILLED me. I never got past her. I need to skip it, it's the second book, and then I can get back to Lucia.

Big Dot

Lucia on her own isn't so great either - sort of irritating. Jump straight to the waspish glory of Mapp and Lucia. Have you seen the TV version? FABULOUS!

Hot Mom

I just have to say that I'm sorry I couldn't massacre lobsters with you this year. I hope they were tasty and didn't foam-puke in their crate.


Big Dot - Well, Lucia was the first book, so I started there. I have seen the series, of course, on Masterpiece Theater. Speaking of: has anyine seen the new Upstairs Downstairs? Worthwhile?
Hot Mom - They only foam-puke if they've been airborne, it seems. We played grab the scissors before they died. They have good grips.

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