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March 07, 2011



Yeah, I gave up all that. I was asked to bring my Famous Key Lime Pie to family do's and it would be ignored. So I stopped.

Every now and then I think about making a cake, just because I want a slice of cake, and taking the rest to work. Then I think about the work it would take and say screw it.


"Cheeses ascending into heaven" - rofl. I'm definitely stealing this for Ascension Day treats.
I hear you on this. The not-so-wee beastlies are always trying to cajole me into fancy-schmancy treats for something or other - as far as I go anymore is the veggie dip tray, or the bread thing with spinach dip. Deal with it I say....


Now I want to bake. Is that perverse? I want to bake rye bread.

I appreciate the Cheeses Ascending to Heaven piece very much, and may also steal that.

Amy in StL

I think we must have been brain connected last night because I went to Whole Foods for King Cake to bring in and ended up bringing home 5 different cheese.


Becs - Make cupcakes and freeze almost all of them! Frozen cake's always better.
Mare - I say bake some malted milk balls or something into cupcakes and not tell them. Special and a surprise!
Tami - I tried once to bake rye bread and it was inedible. And I follwed the recipe on the King Arthur Rye flour bag.
Amy in StL - That's spooky. Were any of them raw milk cheeses?


Ellen, my first three rye breads were rough. It turns out that rye is a complete bitch.


Tami - And don't they blame the Salem Witch Trials on fungus-infected rye? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ergot#Effects_on_humans_and_other_mammals

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