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March 01, 2011



I don't need to tell you this, but your mom was great.


I have drawers that are full of stuff just like that. "I can't throw this away, it's a souvenir/reminds me of a specific thing/might be useful. What if I *need* a bookmark/pin about cats/measuring tape". And then I throw a receipt in there, too, because I'm lazy.

I can't imagine how she got it in the wall, though.

Amy in StL

Ooo, I didn't know your mom so I'm totally qualified to guess. Was it a knee high stocking? They can be lost in all kinds of interesting places.


Becs - it never hurts to hear it again.
Tami - I took off the mirror to do the wallpaper and found the hole. The wallpaper had to dry till next week, and by that time she'd pulled together the trove of treasure. I banged the nail in the stud, hung up the "time capsule" and put the mirror back.
Amy in StL - Bzzz! Wrong!


So you were in on the time capsule? Why did I think that it was a surprise?


Tami- Now that I've seen the purse and the hole, all I remember is hanging it up. I do not remember assembling the contents. Oh, and Mom did go to Niagara Falls when she was 20, so she could have seen the Empire State building at the same time.

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