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March 19, 2011



oh what I wouldn't give to have an epic dream starring Keith Olberman... one time I rode in a helicopter with David Gregory, though. That was fun.
I'm definitely paying attention tonight. I'll go outside and soak up some supermoon rays before bedtime for good measure.


I'll stash the notebook and pen at bedside...


Thank goodness. I had no idea what to expect, here, with a title containing the word 'moon'.


I have epic dreams on a very regular basis. Should I even play this game?


Kristie - And Keith was acting in a movie too, so he was a little insecure.
Mare - It took a while for me to remember mine after going back to sleep. Pen is a good idea.
Allison - I would never moon you.
Caroline - but yours would be an epic EPIC dream. must play.


UPDATE: It rained for us, but at 5:30 I woke up and saw a low harvest supermoon.

And the I remembered I'd just had an epic dream in which I found some old writings of Moms that revealed we'd bee reated to some little biy who'd died publically and tragically, and Mom had going e to visit the family, and they'd given her $500,000 for being so nice. Then there was a modern-day lecture at the art museum about tragic boy and I waited for them to mention mom but they didn't.

So. MY MOM IS NICE. In case there was a question.

Big Dot

I didn't have any dreams because I hardly had any sleep because my cat shoved his face into mine at least nine times during the night. So I reckon HE had startling dreams because usually he's a dead weight in the middle of the bed while I make interesting shapes around him all night. He's old. That's why I put up with it. (That excuse doesn't work for the husband, strangely.)


Big Dot - Well, isn't your cat older than your husband? In cat years?

... and, what of the chickens? Do none still live?

Big Dot

Well, yes he is. And furrier.

Four chickens survive: Turner still has Tourette's, Trouble has flaky feet, Sam-I-Am (who has green legs) keeps escaping and Bossy is, well, bossy. But they still lay eggs, though over the summer have been laying away in hard-to-find places until every 10 days or so the sheer volume of eggs makes the cache hard to miss, and then I have to spend ages with a bowl of water seeing which ones have gone bad in the heat.


@Big Dot - What is the NZ version of heat? To me, it's anything over 72F and 50% humidity. It is very damn hot in New Jersey in the summer.


Big Dot - So it's like gardening. A year of tender care leads to overabundance.
Becs - I'm thinking it would be akin to Canada, since it's so close to the pole.


I slept like a log. We kept windows open and enjoyed the fresh air. I remember that I dreamed, but I can't remember them.


Caroline - And you usually have a clear memory of your dreams, too. I can't imagine sleeping with the windows open ever. Gary needs total silence.

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