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March 06, 2011



The scientific name for this is "Kick the House Syndrome." As in, you foolishly go to an open house to look at a house better than yours. When you get home, you want to kick the house.

This is why I never go to open houses.


In my dotage, I have learned to hate stuff. A plain room with one thing in it would suit me fine. Not that you would know from looking around my cluttered office. Or my super-cluttered dreams.


Oh god, me too (with the clutter -- and the terra cotta - yellow - green walls). My husband has been talking about looking at houses, and although I hate moving, at this point I think the only way to clean would be to take everything out of the house and only put back in what we want. So who cares if it's in another house at that point, right?


Becs - I don't get people who go to open houses. They WANT to move? They WANT to be frustrated?
Hattie - Mom went through a Great Purge of the house in her 60s.
Allison - Yes! It's like I've soiled the nest, now I need to fly to a new nest.

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