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March 05, 2011



Pickles are totally nasty on the sandwich! Did you ever try taking them off and eating them separately from the sandwich? Makes a big difference--trust me!


I just came back from breakfast at the Skylark Diner, where I had the stuffed french toast (stuffed with blueberries and mascarpone,then deep-fried, served with butter and real maple syrup, I KNOW) and the above is just too much for me to contemplate.


Looks deadly. Can't agree on the pickle thing - we put them on/with everything. Good crunchy dill pickles are especially wickedly tasty when chunked up in egg salad.

Hot Mom

I think I just had a heart attack.


Melissa - Recently, I did have some time of German pickle called a cornichon. It was acceptable. I can;t imagine it on a hot sandwich.
Becs - That sounds heavenly!
Mare - Even hot things? Ugh.
Hot Mom - I could only eat half.


If it was on rye bread, I'd call that a patty melt. It's not, though, so "Woody" seems as good a name as any. Proper food names are Very Important to me.

I am jealous of Becs. I was contemplating the Skylark yesterday and dismissed it in favor of the Ruby Tuesday's, because RT's is 5 minutes from my house, whereas the Skylark is at least 20, and always has a wait. I regret the decision.

Patty melt sounds good right now, though. I don't know of any places around here that makes a "Woody", and I'm sick enough that I don't feel like cooking one. There's a lot of standing at the stove involved in making a good grilled cheese.

Amy in StL

That looks amazing. A friend taught me that you can tell how good a restaurant is by ordering their grilled cheese for lunch. I think this is probably so much better, I'm not even hungry for that pear on my desk.


Le yuck, as they would say in France.


Tami - I said that too, then Steve said, "No. Remove the piece of grilled rye. Replace it with A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH."
Amy in StL - Then Trainwreck in Westport is the best restaurant in St. Louis.
Hattie - As I grow older I have found that I can only handle a certain amount of fat, and that only in the evening. Perhaps it is a trend?

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