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March 11, 2011


Amy in StL

I saw that same woman in the video and thought, I hope she's reporting on the earthquake or calling home and not just cancelling her hair appointment.


Why is your drive home ridiculous? The clouds were pretty but where was the traffic?

Also, the chick almost under the desk - I kept thinking she was talking to her boss or reporting. And it was still absurd that she wasn't completely under the desk.


Amy in StL - I heard from a woman who was on the phone with a digital help desk support person in Indonesia. The Indonesian woman was very distressed abot the oncoming expected tsunami.
Becs - Well, when I saw that sunburst, I thought, "Oh, this is ridiculous!" That's my reaction to natural beauty.


Becs - There is almost no traffic on that highway, ever. It's wonderful!

We have had some beautiful skies lately. The joys of driving home in sunlight!


I think you girls need a taste of the Turnpike near Route 3 just before a Giants game. Or better yet, the Major Deegan (which goes through El Bronx) right before a Yankees season opener. That's some traffic, I tell you what.


Caroline - Shame that it destroyed the view at Creve Couer Park, though.
Becs - Oh, believe me, Hwy 70 was awful before they built the Perfect Highway to My Door.


I work in Bergen County, NJ. As far as daily traffic goes, I lose. I'm not even entertaining any challenges, here.

Can someone explain to me why that woman's risking her life for a phone call? No? Didn't think so.


Tami - No, and I'd have thought someone at CNN would have noticed the interest. We can't be the only people who are curious.

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