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March 30, 2011


Amy in StL

Oh, please tell me there will be an outlandish hat involved.... (I used to live in The South with horsefolk and our Derby parties always involved outlandish hats.)


You HAVE to wear a HAT!


Please say there will be a big fancy hat AND photos!


Amy in StL- Yes! Bigger than anyone else's hat.
Caroline - I knew you would say that. (Only I would slur it "You hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaf to wear a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat."
Kristie - I believe for a time the entire blog will be devoted to the design and construction of the hat. Suggestions welcome.


What a great thing to do! I'm jealous.

Big Dot

Kentucky Derby! Whoa! (Or should that be Giddy-up?) Cool!


Hattie - See, if only you lived in the heartland instead of Hilo!
Big Dot - I hope it is. It also might be a jostling crowd of drunks. It's only the grandstand.

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