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March 23, 2011


Amy in StL

My dog bugs me all night for attention. He brings me toys, nudges me for petting and just sits staring at me until I cave. At my parents' house however, he gets so much attention all day long as a furry grandchild that he crawls behind a plant stand and sleeps most of the evening.


One word: crate.

Hot Mom

Kids respond to consistency. Keep doing it for three or four days. Then he can get pissed when you aren't home.


It's not my dog, but she hates me and loves me at the same time.

I pretty much just hate having a dog. I don't hate *her* per se. It's like hating the sin, not the sinner.

Now that my dad is sick *again*, and I'm the only capable responsible adult in NJ that can help take care of him, I've had about 10 minutes that I was willing to share with the dog. I wonder how much poop is at the bottom of the basement stairs.


I like your drama queen dog!


Amy In StL - I did notice that after I was at home all day Friday he let me sleep all the way till 6 am.
Becs- Says the woman with cats in her bed!
Hot Mom - I have consistently praised him when he has pee and pooped outside for fifteen years. Doesn';t take. It's like Mom and Dave, she did everything right, didn't take.
Tami- "capable responsible adult in NJ that can help take care of him" - oh,I hear you. Hang in there.
Neil - He's a bitchy little pup. Entitled and spoiled.

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