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March 28, 2011



Years ago, when I was involved in a sketch comedy radio show, there was a sketch entitled "Art History Boot Camp". The sergeant tells the soldier to "Drop and give him 10 masters of the Italian Renaissance". When the soldier comes up with El Greco, the sergeant growls out, "El Greco was a mannerist!"

You'd really have to hear it to appreciate why it's stuck with me all these years, but I suspect that it sounded a lot like Mr. Yochum.

By the way - is the "ch" pronounced the usual way, or is it hard, like a "k"?


Tami -Like a K, plus a little phlegm.


...just like my last name. My heart's a little warmer knowing that I'm not the only one out there with the hard "ch".


Tami - Yoe - chum would be strange.


So is "Yah-chess", but people say it all the time.

Actually, my last name just sounds strange. I accept it, now.

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