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March 14, 2011



We are being lied to in order to keep us little folks from panicking and crashing the stock market or something. Notice how we're getting less and less news as the crisis deepen?

Big Dot

Hate to sound smug, but our talking heads are sweepingly definite: "No danger of nuclear fallout reaching New Zealand whatsoever. The winds blow the wrong way." Which is comfortingly fair, given that we're rabidly non-nuclear, at some historical cost (USA, I'm looking at you).


These are the times when I'm glad I don't have cable television. Otherwise, I'd be screaming Mothra or Godzilla at the TV.


I'm so glad that my personal life is such hell right now that nuclear winter claiming the planet doesn't seem like it would be any worse for me.

Amy in StL

I just keep waiting for the day we get an email at work telling us that the anti-radiation pills are being handed out free in the health center in our building. Then, it will be time to get my pill and go home and get wayyyy drunk. Because when the gov't gives out things free to their employees for their health, the shit just got real.


Hattie - It was worse yesterday. They just this hour mentioned the workers bailed. Remember Chernobyl? They denied it until the fallout cloud moved outside their borders.
Big Dot - Did 1945 fallout get on you? I have never heard that.
Becs - Glad to hear it. I swear Anderson Cooper just said "It's above a Three-mile island, but not a Chernobyl."
Tami - Whaaa? That's sad to hear.
Amy in StL - Cipro with the Anthrax killer comes to mind.

Big Dot

No, more recent than that: we got frozen out of ANZUS in 1985 because we wouldn't let US nuclear-powered or -armed ships call in to our ports. Relations were chilly for some time.


How much sea water is getting irradiated?

Anyone have an appetite for sushi?


Big Dot - I had no idea. I apologize for the US.
Benchmark - Well, no, it'd be partially cooked, wouldn't it? Thought I did just read the fuel rods are only between 100 and 200 F, which seems pretty mild to me.

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