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March 21, 2011



I find tsunampee easier to say. I have been involved in several poocanos.

Amy in StL

I think it's Tsunampee. Although I think there should be some kind of rating system so those of us who create a Tsunampee because we only go a couple times a day are rated more dangerous than those that pee once an hour becaues their bladder is the size of a tennis ball.


Best of the tsunami. That's about it. Time for a media vacation before we all melt down. Enjoy your lovely spring weather.


Wendy - I am so stealing poocano.
Amy in StL - It could be on a Poise Pad scale.
Hattie - I think it is time for a media vacation.Even the Breaking News sound clip doesn't bring me ion the room anymore.


I stick with the traditional "piss like a racehorse". After working in a stable for several years, there are few things more impressive than a horse letting go (but maybe you have to be there to appreciate it. Or not). (Btw- the sheer volume definitely qualifies for tsumanpee)


Elisabeth - I have not seen a racehorse piss, but have seen a trail ride horse piss. It is impressive.

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