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February 02, 2011



Yes, he absolutely knew. Always believe the beasties. Except when they tell you the only way to save the world is to feed them yummies.


Now Eve is mad at me because I laughed out loud at what Gary said when the bed broke and I won't tell her why I was laughing. Also, does anyone else want to shoot all the mini pop kids?


A near escape!


~~Silk - The dogs who cry wolf.
Allison - I had to look up mini pop kids because I had never seen nor heard them. And I can see why you want them dead. I kept the pc on mute based on how they looked.
Hattie - Two miracles: An escape from death, and, Gary fixed something using tools.


I laughed so hard I had to share with coworkers (I didn't tell them that Gary screamed though). ;}


Elisabeth - why not share the screaming?

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