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February 14, 2011



Yikes. Life is strange, is it not. Especially after a few drinks. In a strange and expensive place.
Be careful, my dear. Remember who you are and what you stand for in the eyes of your people.


If you spend another evening in Miami (which could totally happen), I highly recommend Balan's in the Lincoln Road pedestrian mall. The lobster spaghetti was incredible.


You were in Dexter country! Creepy, maybe. But he always talks about the great Cuban food on Calle Ocho. Me gusta la cucina de Cuba.

Erin G.

Oh Wet Willies. I got hammered at the Wet Willies in Savannah, GA when I was on tour (dumb kid - I was 22). Chocolate Thunder, baby. Whew.


Hattie - I thought I stood for excess and overspending.
Tami - that is dangerously close to Casa Tua.
Becs - We had NO cuban food. Or giant shrimp.
Erin G. - It would be easy to get hammered there. Drunk slushies? Set them up.

Amy in StL

We had Wet Willies in Charleston, SC but this was during the mini-bottle laws so they had to add the liquor by the glass. When I went on business to Memphis we had them there and I had forgotten how potent they can be! I got the one in the collectible cup that lists all the locations.


Road trip to Columbia? Tropical Liqueurs is the exact same thing.


Amyin StL - I saw a news report about those mini-bottle laws! That was absurd. Glad thats over.
Caroline - Miami had another place like it just a few blocks away. We need one in Westport.

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