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February 15, 2011



You could always slip a Vicodin into his milk. Although you might want to grind up the pill first.


The actual content of this post was a giant relief after reading the title.


This really made me laugh. Alcohol, pain killer of choice.

Amy in StL

But it's a tasty, tasty slope. When I camp with my friends we routinely have Bailey's in our morning coffee. Turns out camping is awesome if you're half-lit the whole time!


I have a really bad respiratory infection right now and I've been trying not to bitch. After reading this I'm torn between giving myself permission to act like a dick for the rest of the night or just go suck back some vodka.

Hot Mom

I like your new banner. It's classy.

I like Bailey's too. I don't think it comes in grades (like gasoline?) but they make it in flavors now. The mint tastes like mint-flavored shit.


I wonder. Could I get patients to drink mint flavored Baileys before a barium enema. Then maybe their shit would smell like mint-flavored shit.


Becs - Gary's Muslim sister suggested I do the same with aspirin. I remarked I didn't want to decieve my husband. I need to loosen up.
Tami - I can see how you might go there.
Hattie - Gary's family is proud they never take aspirin. What else can you do?
Amy in StL - Coffee: a good place for Baileys. It would be better if you were NOT in the WOODS, but if you're okay with fleas, etc, then fine.
Allison - Which did you do?
Hot Mom - It's because people on the boat wanted to know how to get to my blog, and I decided life would be easier if I snagged www.mocklog.com. Good thing I made that typo, mockBlog.com was taken. Plus NO ONE ever understood "Putting the TMI in absentminded."
Wendy - Well, if it tatses like mint-flavored shit, it stands to reason it would smell that way. Smell is 4/5ths of taste.


Hey, I TOTALLY got the absenTMInded thing!

I'm so broken that camping still sucks even when I'm half-lit these days. Half (or fully) lit was the only way I made it through those 20 years of camping trips. I hate camping.


Tami - I hate camping too. Bugs. Loved it when the racoon came into our tent, and when the rain collapsed our tent, but bugs? No.

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