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March 01, 2011


Amy in StL

Following the latest Charlie Sheen quote/sighting hurts my head. I can't wrap my brain around what happened to my crush from such 80's smashes as "Young Guns", "Wall Street" and "Major League". The crazy; it's far more disturbing in him than it is in the guy that begs money at the offramp in the morning.


I think he's gone from really cooking to a full boil, which is now spilling the hell all over the stove. I think that somebody turned the heat up on Charlie Sheen's brain (probably Charlie himself), and no one will ever be able to contain that mess, ever again.

I'm sorry, did I say, "think"? I meant to say "posit".



I truly thought Charlie had completely lost it until I watched him on Piers Morgan last night. I started to get what he was complaining about. Not that I could explain it exactly but I did get it. That being said he will lose. All he needs to do is ask Suzanne Sommers or Valerie Harper.


He's batshit crazy, and no amount of positing will convince me otherwise at this point.


//People did sober up before AA.

Really? How?


P.S. Dr. Drew is correct. This isn't sobriety, it's a bi-polar dry drunk. The media is doing him no favors by enabling him.

I feel sorry for his family and his children.


P.P.S. I like your new banner.


Amy in StL - Because Charley is crazy and it's coupled with power, maybe?
Tami - Great imagery, you positer you.
Zayrina - What would it be like to make millions of dollars, be on the #1 show (which I've never seen) and to have everybody kiss your ass since you were 20? And your Dad's a movie star too? It would be hard to be realistic.
Caroline - Well, I had to try.
Mershy - I feel sorry for his sister, if he has one.

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