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February 17, 2011



My brain went straight to thought 2 - how did she *know* Mac was gone?

We still have too much snow in the back of the house to take the dog to the backyard, as I prefer to do, so front yard it is. She makes immediately for the next door neighbor's yard to help get rid of the scent of their dog. It must make that poor guy insane.

"Arrooooooo! But I just marked this THIS MORNING! AROOOO!"


So glad all turned out well. And the best thing is that this reminded me to call to get the cat and dog boarded. We're going over to Kona on the other side of the Island for a couple of days of fancy resort living.
I would love the music scene, were it not that I'm hard of hearing and mid to high octave music sounds like tuneless screeching. Alas and alack. And I am a real music lover and former violin player, too. Old age is no picnic.


I'm sorry, but I can't get past the hilarity of a "contempt pee"...I am going to be giggling for days over that mental picture!


Tami - I think dogs have the incredible sense of smell, and they can all smell if a dog is driven away in a car.
Hattie - I think you need to see if on-line Rhapsody has a station of "low - range bass" music you could listen too.
Mare - Have you never had a dog look right at you, lift his leg and pee without looking away? In the house?

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