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January 14, 2011



Or - what would Rosie do?

Step away from the cray-cray!


I can't believe you went to the Bible, but missed one of the major Judeo-Christian-Islamic teachings: The person who needed help was a man. Only men always have value. Women are valuable only as wives, mothers, or servants. So unless that woman on the side of the road was giving birth, or rushing home to feed a hungry man, you were right to hie to your job, and make another man rich.

Hot Mom

How, exactly, do I manage to convince myself that you're normal? I love you but it takes a special kind of crazy to rationalize for two day and spot read the bible to excuse the blemish on your soul for not helping another human being in need. Go work at a food pantry or something.


You never know. She might have had a gun in that suitcase. Or surveyors tools. Or it might have been full of drug cash. Better to serve your Lord another day, than end up a dead body down a dead end road. The spirit moved you to do all you did, including examining your conscience.

I agree with Hot Mom. Pay it back in a less risky environment.....

Amy in StL

Or surveyors tools. Those three words seriously just made my Saturday.


Surveyors' tools! Snork! Me too. Made my day I mean. Your friends are as funny as you, and that's sayin' something. I think "surveyors' tools" is going to be in the lexicon pretty quick. Like teh interwebs. Liberal code for Boy, What A-Holes They Are.


I suggest that, to assuage your guilt, you make a reservation for me in the Marriott in NYC. Two nights. There. Doesn't that feel better?


Becs - But, I am one of the cray-cray.
~Silk - My man was on board with my decision, so at least I checked with him that night.
Hot Mom - Hah. You don't really think I'm normal.
Benchmark - I join in the snorts!
Amy in StL- Me too.
Carolyn - I haven't heard Sarah Palin give her take on "surveyors tools." That would be interesting.
Becs- What, when you could stay in NY with my nephew Arhan-fay instead?


Hmmmmm. If your nephew lives in the theater district, has a spa, and a revolving restaurant on the top floor, and provides room service, send me his phone number.


~~Silk - His apartment is nicer than I expected. He's in the Empire State Building area.


Do people ever try to break down his door and insist that the church sent them there?


Caroline - I hope not. He would tell them they are going to Hell unless they convert.

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