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January 16, 2011


Amy in StL

I dislike Joe Buck because since he and his family took over the running of J. Buck's downtown (and renamed it Joe Buck's) the service is crappy and the food is headed down the tubes too.


So you have a Twitter account? Please tell me your username so I can stalk--uh, FIND you over there.


It works well for reporting on unfolding events, such as sporting events, or recently, the Illinois General Assembly's frantic last minute sessions last week......


my twitter feed last night, while changing planes in minneapolis, was entirely JETS and GLOBES. it was kind of fascinating.


Jack Buck said, "Go crazy, folks! Go crazy!" Then the AstroTurf got ripped apart. It was awesome.

And I love Joe Buck. He's self-effacing and hilarious.


Amy in StL - Were you on twitter? That was one of the complaints about Joe Buck, I swear!
Veolcibadgergirl - It's @LNSchmidt - You have to say it out loud.
Benchmark - What, did they tweet "AHAhAha raising your taxes!"
Magpie - The tweets I saw about the game, like the game, were very one-sided.
Mershy - Thank you for being my fact-checker .

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