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January 26, 2011



Why wouldn't Grandpapa be friends with a commoner? His brother certainly was...


Uh, Elizabeth the Queen Mum was a commoner. Thus "Grandpa" was quite cozy with a commoner. That made daughter Elizabeth [now Elizabeth II) a half-blood princess.

PS I loved the movie and don't care a wit about your mockery.


Becs - True that. I went to see it with Steve from Work, and when Queen Mum said Wallis picked up the sex trick at a brothel in Asia, Steve gasped and said "I didn't know she was a WHORE!"
Zayrina - Nope, not a commoner, just not royal. She had a title - thus spake Wikipedia: she was "Born into a family of Scottish nobility (her father inherited the Earldom of Strathmore and Kinghorne in 1904)" I mean, I'd do her.


Do some more research Queen. http://womenshistory.about.com/od/queenmothers/p/elizabeth_queen.htm

"first British commoner to become a consort of a ruler of Great Britain since the 1600s"

She was a descendant of Scottish kings blah blah yet still a commoner. Not sure how it works out but I know Albert was allowed more latitude in choosing a spouse because he was not expected to rule.


Zayrina- Well, okay, if you want Lady Bowes-Lyon to be a commoner that's fine. I applaud and encourage your elitism.


I don't understand, if her father was Lord Glamis, then how was she not aristocracy? He was a *Lord*, right? Is it because her mother wasn't a member of the aristocracy?

I am not at all British.


I don't understand it either but I have read many sources and it is the case.

Elitism? Wouldn't it be anti-elitism to encourage commoners?


Tani - Well, all I know is they let commoners mary anyone now. Sarah Ferguson, this Kate girl, all of them.
Zayrina - Oh! I though you were calling LADY Bowes-Lyton a commoner, not good enough for Bertie.


Quite good enough, he proposed to her 3 times before she accepted. But she was a commoner, good on her.


Zayrina - hope for us all.

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