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January 04, 2011



Pig snot!

When you're next in NY, eat at Peter Luger.


Peter Luger, amen.


You were eating sweetbreads and the big gross-out was the froth on the side?


Magpie and Becs - OR it seems I could order Peter Luger steaks right from his website for ten dollars an ounce.
Allison - a good point.


sweetbreads (with or without pig snot), no thanks...
Steak Fat? OH YES. Also...Candied bacon sauce? I need this in my mouth.

It does sound like an amazing meal, in spite of the sweetbreads! I'm even more regretful of the gyro I had for dinner tonight.


Kristie - THANK YOU. I am impressed you manned up and confessed the love for steak fat,especially in this day and age. The candied bacon sauce was like the butters - just the barest hint of a flavor - the butter tasted 99% like butter and the steak sauce tasted like 1% candied bacon.

Hot Mom

I agree with Allison.

And candied bacon sauce, is that like bacon-infused tequila where it smells better than it tastes?


Hot Mom - it was just a hint of bacon. The bacon tequila was heavily baconed in comparison.

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