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January 24, 2011



It was Mosby. Upon his death, the crown passed to his (real) son, Gus.

Gus's purpose in life is to boss me around.

We don't have enough dry food!

We don't have enough canned food!

The humidity is too low in the house!

Clean the cat boxes! It stinks in here!


It works, too.


The immediate family ranks as follows: Me, the dog, Santa. This is because Santa will not take charge of the dog.

With respect to the extended family, his younger sister is the alpha bitch. What she says goes. Cross her at your own peril.



I'm the Head of the Family. Important medical decision? Tami. Legal matter? Call Tami and let her know, if not make her handle it. Family holiday meals? What does Tami think? Travel arrangements? If it's not my dad's girlfriend making plans for just the two of them, the task falls right here.

This pretty much happened when my dad got sick 2 years ago. I sincerely wish that my younger sister lived close by so that I could throw more of this crap on her. That's what people who love you do, right - split the misery?


My husband likes to think he's the Head of the Family, and I allow him to do so, but in reality I do everything and make all decisions. If I were to pass suddenly, the house and cars would be repossessed in months because he actually has no idea who the loans are through, and since I am pretty much paper-free in bill paying, he'll never get a bill to remind him. Oh. And he'll never eat again, because he doesn't know what food he likes.

Crystal (Bratcw)

My brother is definitely Head of the Family since my mom died. However, he is a benevolent leader. In his mind, HOTF includes giving me miles for plane tickets and credits for the cruise. Because now it's his responsibility to make sure the Baby of the Family is provided for.


I think my dad is sure he is the head of the family. However since his Rheumatoid arthritis has gotten worse, mom writes all the checks and does all the chores. Oddly enough she still won't buy a couch without his okay. I think I'm working on getting her to fully usurp his authority and go couch shopping with me.

Erin G.

My husband is the head of his family even though he is the youngest of 4 children. He's the only one who finished college and got married -- somehow his family thinks that makes him the most responsible. Siiiigh.

Luckily, I am NOT the head of my family! That honor goes to my only sister. She's older than me (but only by 2 years) and apparently THAT makes her more equipped to put my parents "in the home" when they go senile, but I still get half the stuff in their will when they pass on! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.


Becs - Gus sounds a lot like Gary...
Zayrini - Interesting! His younger sister is the boss of the family? That's different.
Tami - You know, I think my sil Karen is in that position. I've always assumed she liked it, but maybe not.
Candy - Ah! Yes, I think that's a common set up: husband not in charge but thinks he is.
Crystal (Bratcw) - Well, that's pretty nice!
Amy_in_StL - A couch is a very personal thing! Both man and woman sit on the couch. She should narrow down the couch choices to 12 finalists, let him narrow that down to four, then she can have final choice.
Erin G - Is there a chance you are Tami's younger sister?


Definitely. Whenever he forgets to close the door to the head, I yell, "Shut it, damn you."


Hattie - Hah!


Erin is not my younger sister, there's one sibling too many on her husband's side and the age difference isn't the same. Good to know, I'd hate to think that I was reading stuff by my sister when she was using an alias.


Tami - Okay then. But ... wouldn;t that be weird tofind out someone you know In real life was a fellow "Stranger" on a blog? Sounds like a romantic comedy for this summer.

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