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January 08, 2011


Mrs. Hall

I tells you though, I laughed my ass off at the movie. It's Matt Damon's relentless inner dialouge. I HAVE THAT. The brain, my brain, ALWAYS FUCKING TALKING ABOUT NOTHING JUST RANDOM THEORIES AND THOUGHTS. Never stops, never useful. When I'm stressed it gets kind of fast and louder. And my dreams go into overdrive. Like the other night, I had a 3 hour long zombie dream.


So yes, when I want to explain why I always seem so distracted, I will just play them this movie, and say SEE!! I'm not dumb. I just can't shut up in my head!!


so funny, so funny!!


I don't find it funny. Psychopathic mass murderer....

Amy in StL

Clearly I need to start watching the news on weekends and do less movie watching/book reading.


Mrs. Hall - I know what you are talking about. I was confused at first too. See below.
Benchmark - Mrs. Hall is still talking about the movie "The Informant." I reviewed it a month ago, and instead of going to the page, she just jumped in. Nothing to do with the Arizona Nutjob I have grown to hate even more. His poor parents.
Amy in StL - I think national events like this, or the US - Canada hockey game, is about the only excuse for Twitter. Twitter would have cued you in, but you could still have read books etc.


You have really hit on something. I am too old and ordinary to be able to put myself into the head of a man like that. You, however, while sane, are just young enough and off the wall enough to be able to click into his mentality.

Hot Mom

I thought concious dreaming was just fantasizing without the sex part.

Perhaps, instead of being an intellectual, he's merely read the type of books that make his schizophrenia seem rational.


Hattie - "While sane" -ahahahaha
Hot Mom - Oh, yeah. I used to conscious-dream a lot.
The big mystery to me is the note in the safe? Who put the note in the safe? Did the parents find it and hide it from the police? Was it his safe? What else is in the safe?

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